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Posted by on Mar 18, 2020 .

Trimm is adding to its line of GMT panels. We are introducing the GMT 20/20 with 20A holders. It’s a 23” panel packed with power and positions.  In many of those 23” cabinets, you’ve had to fill those cabinets full of hardware. This Power Distribution GMT panel with 40 total positions allows you to fuse that equipment without having to run connections from outside the cabinet. Many of our newer panels, including this one, will have a stair step design on the outputs. All wires will dress out in one direction. No need to reserve space above the panel for cables. You may need that extra rack space.  Take advantage of this new high-density panel. Search now on the 707C101001 and let us know how we can help.

Posted by on Mar 16, 2020 .

Trimm Annoucnes Change to Schedule

Along with all of you, we have been closely monitoring the latest information from the CDC and OSHA regarding the current outbreak of COVID-19. With the rapidly changing environment, we are chaging our schedules around and doing what we can to limit the spread of the virus. Starting immediately, Trimm is implementing the following changes:

  • All deliveries of material will only be accepted on Monday, Wenesday, and Friday
  • Trimm will only ship items on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Altering our employees' schedules to mitigate exposure





We have always prided ourselves in our ability to design and manufacture our fuse and breaker panels here in the USA. Having a local workforce has provided us with the flexibility to meet our customer's expectations. Now we are using the flexibility to do what we can to help slow the spread. One of our core values is "Openness: We communicate openly with all stakeholders." As things change, we will continue to do so and look forward to the day we shift back to a normal schedule.

Posted by on Mar 04, 2020 .

Since 2016 Trimm, Inc. has been a Silver Level Sponsor for Relay for Life of Granville County. Our employees are busy raising funds for the 2020 Relay for Life year with hopes of surpassing our goal of $3600. Some of the fundraisers planned are an employee yard sale, bake sale, employee lunches, and t-shirt sale.

Why We Participate in Relay For Life:
We know there are a lot of worthy causes to support, but we think participating in an event that helps save lives from cancer is about as worthy as it gets. That’s why we decided to raise funds and walk in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life event. 

Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer, either through their own personal battle or through the battle of someone they love, and this disease has taken too much from too many. We are participating in the Granville County Relay For Life event because we know we are making a difference in the fight to end cancer by raising funds and cancer awareness.

Relay For Life is not only a way to join our community to fight back against cancer, but it is also a way to inspire hope by raising funds and cancer awareness to help those facing a diagnosis.

Posted by on Feb 19, 2020 .

Another new offering from Trimm.  This time, a GMT 15/15 panel with 125A buses.  A robust panel that gives you the additional positions needed to power multiple routers in the same rack.  You’ll be able to maximize those BDFB outputs that go to 125A with the higher bus rating on the panel.  No compromises in quality and shorter lead times to keep those projects on schedule. It’s easy to review on our website. Just search on part number 707A101001.  We are just a phone call away to help answer any questions.  Designed and manufactured here in the USA.  

Posted by on Jan 28, 2020 .

Introducing a new GMT front access panel for 2020.  Short lead times to meet those demanding schedules.  Easy front access in one rack space and minimal depth will save time and space inside the cabinet for installation.  20A GMT holders to maximize those requirements that engineers need for that piece of equipment that needs a little bit more power. Customer inquiries about pricing, order status and availability are timely. Cost sensitive panel for those trying to maintain their margins and efficiencies. Made in the USA by a company that thrives on service to its customers. Pull the 747A101001 data sheet on our website to see how it fits your needs. In production now for you to order. 

Posted by on Feb 06, 2020 .

Trimm is proud to help sponsor the 2020 ATIS Protection Engineers Group: Electrical Protection of Communications Networks Conference.  This conference presents solutions based on real world applications of electrical protection methods.  It is a place where collectively thousands of years of experience come together to teach and learn from their experiences.  You can also learn about the standards updates that will affect the jobs you are doing.  Come and join us to learn more about electrical protection!  It's being held at the McKimmon Conference & Training Center at NC State University in Raleigh, NC March 17-19, 2020.

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 .

Congratulations to Trimm Inc. on just recently receiving the ISO-9001 2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems. This is the up-to-date most recent revision to the ISO standard.  This achievement is the result of many hours of work and dedication to make our Products and Processes the best that they can be.  While we continue to focus on continuous improvement in everything we do, it’s nice to be acknowledged for hard work. Our employees are very proud of this accomplishment and continue to drive innovation and improvements wherever we can. As a part of our ongoing commitment to Quality, we have set our sights on another goal of certification well known in the industry and will be embarking on it very soon.


Tim M. Lee

Quality Engineer

Trimm Inc.

Posted by on Jun 02, 2016 .

We regularly ask our customers what factors they consider when choosing Trimm.  A leading response is that our lead times are short, often outranking other considerations like functionality and price. 

Trimm’s standard lead times for the products we manufacture are generally 2-3 weeks.  How do we determine standard lead times?  A standard lead time in this case should be developed from data that establishes the mean process time from customer order to receipt.  Variables to this standard lead time will statistically contain both shorter intervals (early delivery) and longer intervals (longer delivery).  The standard interval is expressed as a high average of the range, reducing the likelihood and impact of the variables.

Given that lead times are not a best-case scenario, and are in fact a performance measure, determining the relative importance to you of a vendors lead time is important.  Because in one fashion or another, you are planning and making commitments based upon that lead time. 

Why should a shorter lead time be important to you?  There are obvious business drivers in play:  earlier revenue realization, cost avoidance from better resource utilization, lowering carrying costs, etc. and the like.  It can be argued that shorter lead times provide the customer with greater flexibility and higher confidence.  A shorter lead time allows the customer to be more dynamic in their planning, as they can be more fluid in their project schedule and timeline by...