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With COVID 19 still in force, there has been a lot of focus on buying local in order to support small businesses and the local and United States economies in general.  At Trimm, our practice has been to purchase materials used in our Power Distribution Panels from local sources, and to design, build and market our products here in Butner, North Carolina.

When we say our products are Made in the USA, we mean it.  All Trimm products are designed and manufactured in North Carolina.  We source our copper components from a small manufacturer in Tennessee, our sheet metal and nylon fixtures from the greater Raleigh, NC area, and our paint and powder coat is sourced from a provider in Raleigh as well.  Assembly is carried out in the Trimm facility in Butner.  When you purchase a Trimm product, you can be sure that you are supporting small businesses right here in the USA.  Trimm utilizes small businesses where possible, such as local engineering resources, and engages local professional services such as legal and payroll services.  Wages earned by Trimm employees support local businesses while providing tax revenue and benefit to municipal, state, and federal agencies.

Additionally, by manufacturing locally, Trimm avoids disruptions associated with a foreign workforce, border closings, customs problems, and time that parts spend in transit between countries and facilities.  This translates into greater control of production timelines, and ultimately affords better lead times for customers.

So, the next time you are wondering what more you can do to support small American businesses, consider a Trimm power distribution product. 

Cam Johnson (National Account Manager)

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