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We regularly ask our customers what factors they consider when choosing Trimm.  A leading response is that our lead times are short, often outranking other considerations like functionality and price. 

Trimm’s standard lead times for the products we manufacture are generally 2-3 weeks.  How do we determine standard lead times?  A standard lead time in this case should be developed from data that establishes the mean process time from customer order to receipt.  Variables to this standard lead time will statistically contain both shorter intervals (early delivery) and longer intervals (longer delivery).  The standard interval is expressed as a high average of the range, reducing the likelihood and impact of the variables.

Given that lead times are not a best-case scenario, and are in fact a performance measure, determining the relative importance to you of a vendors lead time is important.  Because in one fashion or another, you are planning and making commitments based upon that lead time. 

Why should a shorter lead time be important to you?  There are obvious business drivers in play:  earlier revenue realization, cost avoidance from better resource utilization, lowering carrying costs, etc. and the like.  It can be argued that shorter lead times provide the customer with greater flexibility and higher confidence.  A shorter lead time allows the customer to be more dynamic in their planning, as they can be more fluid in their project schedule and timeline by being more responsive to emergent conditions and drivers (for example,  responding to last minute changes or when another supplier cannot meet their commitments).

However, short lead times don’t get you far unless they come with a commitment.  At Trimm, we provide a firm commit date with every order.  We believe in delivering what we promise; a belief that is backed by meeting 98.5% of our commit dates over the last 3 years.

 Ask yourself if shorter lead times are important to you, and give us a call to learn how Trimm’s standard lead times and commitment can help you realize success.

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